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TICKETS ARE NOW LIVE for The Polar Express Tram Ride, DEVON for 2022!

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ is coming to Seaton Tramway in Devon on selected dates through November & December! Families will enjoy the magical tram ride to Santa's home at the North Pole in one of the specially decorated single deck tramcars, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, a delicious treat, speak to Santa and admire the awesome lights whilst you walk around the North Pole.

Children will also receive the first gift of Christmas from Santa himself. Upon the return journey, you will be able to enjoy singing along to Christmas carols. For the grown-up kids too, this is a trip down memory lane to a traditional Christmas of old.

Dates & Times
25th Nov - 27th Nov 2022 Book Tickets
1st Dec - 4th Dec 2022 Book Tickets
7th Dec - 11th Dec 2022 Book Tickets
13th Dec - 18th Dec 2022 Book Tickets
20th Dec - 24th Dec 2022 Book Tickets

A round trip lasts approximately 2 - 2½ hours. There are only a limited number of seats on our snug single deck tramcars for THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Tram Ride.

WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: Please contact our office if you require wheelchair access for your trip, on 01297 20375

PLEASE NOTE: This event will run in accordance with Government guidelines that are in place on the date of the event performance and may involve additional Covid-19 safety measures. We will only issue refunds if the event is cancelled by us.

Ticket Release Polar Express


Yellow Departures:
Adults: £19.95
Children (2-15): £19.95
Child Under 2: FREE

Green Departures:
Adults: £27.95
Children (2-15): £27.95
Child Under 2: FREE

Blue Departures
Adults: £31.95
Children (2-15): £31.95
Child Under 2: FREE

Red Departures:
Adults: £35.95
Children (2-15): £35.95
Child Under 2: FREE

Please note: Tickets must be 'bought' for Under 2's even when they are free, as we must know how many people are on board.
If you are currently pregnant but will have had your child by departure, please purchase a child Under 2 tickets.

Please call us if you plan to book 12 or more tickets, as we wish to ensure you will be sat together.

The event may be subject to Covid restrictions at the time of boarding.

Polar Location


Each ticket includes a round trip tram ride to the North Pole. Each ticketed passenger is served Hot Chocolate and a Cookie by Polar Express Chefs. You will alight and visit Santa at the North Pole, where he will give out the "first gift of Christmas" -- the Sleigh Bell -- to each passenger. We will all return back to the Polar Express and join in and sing Christmas Carols as we make our way to Seaton station.

Seaton Tramway, Harbour Road, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2WD. Google Maps

The nearest Parking to the event is the 'Underfleet Car Park',
The Underfleet, Seaton, EX12 2WD.

The tram ride experience is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.
Please arrive no less than 20 minutes before your departure time to pick up tickets.

Each Polar Express Tram Ride will last approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. Please arrive at the Station no less than 20 minutes prior to your departure time. Children ages two years and under do require a ticket and must be seated on an adult’s lap while on board the tram. Once on board, you will travel to the "North Pole" while we read the story of The Polar Express.

Chefs will dance as each ticketed passenger is served Hot Chocolate and a Cookie.

As the tram arrives at the North Pole you will catch a glimpse of Santa. Here you will get off at the North Pole to see him and the other characters from The Polar Express. Santa will give out the "first gift of Christmas" - the Silver Bell - to each child and adult. We will all join in and sing Christmas carols as we return to Seaton Station.

The enclosed trams are open seating in each tramcar. Chefs will assist passengers in filling open seats from front to rear to ensure seating for all. Our tramcars hold up to 24 passengers. The seats are upholstered or bench seats. All seats will be filled so please do not bring car seats or carriers for children under two, as they will need to be in an adult’s lap. Blankets will be available on board for those who may feel chilly.

Yes. You will receive an email confirmation. Email addresses will allow us to send the confirmation and any updates about the event. All tickets will be held at the Seaton tram station for pick-up the day of the event.

You will need to arrive no less than 20 minutes before your tram ride to pick up your tickets. Have your confirmation email available as your proof of purchase. Tickets may not be picked up in advance. They may only be picked up on the day of your tram ride.

Seaton Station, Seaton. EX12 2WD.

Please arrive to pick up your tickets no less than 20 minutes before your departure time. Please note the exact date, time, and location of your tickets when you place the order. Check your confirmation email to ensure arriving for the proper date, time, and location.

There may be an upgrade fee per ticket for changes. Special event ticket sales are final. Events are held regardless of weather. Tickets are not refundable due to weather or a change to your plans, etc. THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Tram Ride tickets sell out very quickly, so there is very little possibility for re-scheduling.

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Tram Ride event will feature a variety of themed merchandise. Cash, cheques, debit cards, and credit cards are accepted. An extensive selection of tramway-related merchandise is also available from the Seaton Station & North Pole Gift shop, along with souvenirs, books, videos, posters, and gifts. The gift shop will operate during the hours of that day's event.

To order before or after your visit, call 01297 20375 or 01297 552717 or visit online here. Please note: you can take advantage of a discounted The Polar Express Book, when bought with your tickets online.

Food & Refreshments will be available at the North Pole - with a selection of snacks and small meals. 

Yes. The trams must leave on time to avoid delays to hundreds of passengers. We suggest you arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to your departure time to pick up your tickets. Please check your directions and drive time and allow for weather or traffic delays to avoid disappointment.

Yes. Passengers will be able to get off the tram on arrvial to the North Pole.

Tram seating is assigned by tram, but not by specific seats. Stay with your companions and you will be sitting close together. If two or more groups have booked separatly online, please call us on 01297 20375, and let us know which groups would like to be sat together.  We will do our best to seat groups together; however, there is no guarantee on seating arrangements. We recommend booking your groups on the same order.

As many as you'd like! However, our trams can only fit up to 23 people in one car. If your group is larger, don't worry you will rejoin your family and friends at the North Pole!

Yes! We encourage families to dress in warm pyjamas and bring your copy of The Polar Express book for the Conductor to sign if you wish - Books are available to purchase when booking tickets and in our Gift Shop. Be sure to dress warmly enough to walk comfortably to and from your car, and make sure that everyone is wearing appropriate footwear. Open toed shoes are strongly discouraged for safety and comfort reasons. Some areas of the tram station are indoors, and others are open to the elements. The coaches are enclosed and blankets will be available on board for the trip.

There are toilets available at Seaton Station and the North Pole. Please note toilets are not available on the trams. The tram ride is 30 minutes approximatley each way, so please plan accordingly.

Yes. Children under the age of two (2) do need a ticket. They must be seated on an adult’s lap while on the tram. Infants cannot be placed in a carrier or car seat on board the tram, they must be held.

Push Chairs and baby carriers are discouraged when boarding THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Tram Ride, due to limited space and storage and narrow aisles aboard the tram and the need for staff to move about freely during the trip. We would be grateful to be notified of a pushchair with your ticket to ensure we can make room and make your journey as smooth as possible. Pushchairs left at the Station, are the responsibility of the passenger.

Due to historic, narrow doorway widths, and steep step wells, THE POLAR EXPRESS Tram Ride may not be fully accessible to persons with disabilities. Our staff are always pleased to lend assistance when boarding and alighting from the tram (provided wheelchairs or other oversize assistive devices are not required during the trip). If you need any assistance pre-boarding the tram, please inform us when booking your tickets. Please remind us at the ticket window and a staff member will assist with pre-boarding your group. Limited space is available for persons requiring wheelchairs or other assistive devices. Large motorized scooters may not fit aboard the train. In some cases we are able to provide a Wheelchair accessible tram. Please note that this may mean a limited event performance. Please notify us when booking to allow us to advise you on any Wheelchair Friendly Dates.

Please notify us by booking your tickets on 01297 20375.

We will be serving Hot Chocolate and a cookie to passengers. We hold Gluten free cookies but please notify us when booking. Passengers with allergies may bring their own cookies, Hot Chocolate, or other appropriate treats. Please communicate with the Chefs on board so that we may serve your treats as part of the experience. Cookies are tree nut and peanut free, but are produced in facilities that may have handled nuts.

Allergens: Hot Chocolate - Milk, Lactose, Glucose Syrup

Cookies: Wheat, Soya and Milk.

We can not guaruntee that these food products do not contain traces of other allergens. These products have been made in an environment that may include other allergens.

Please contact us before traveling, if you have any concerns or questions.

Every passenger will receive a Silver Bell from Santa. 

Winter wind, rain or other adverse conditions are possible, and THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Tram Ride will operate as scheduled regardless of weather. All seating aboard trams is indoors; no open-air cars are included in the tram ride. Please check weather conditions prior to your visit and dress accordingly. Only in extreme circumstances may an event be cancelled by us. Please check our website or Facebook before travelling if severe weather is predicted. Please plan sufficient travel time in case of inclement weather - as traffic and weather conditions may double the travel time to the event.

Absolutely! You can read along or just listen as we read the storybook on our tram ride to the North Pole. If you have read the book or seen the film you will feel like you’ve stepped off the pages as we recreate the story with your child as a part of the cast.

As the event is designed for children of all ages, there is no additional charge for adult passengers.

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