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Seaton Station

Harbour Road, Seaton
EX12 2WD

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Stagecoach 9A, X9
AVMT 885, 899
Dartline 20

Colyton Station

Station Road, Kingsdon
EX24 6HA

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BUSES TO COLYTON – Please note buses stop in the town centre, around 15 minute walk from the Station.
AVMT 885


You can get a taxi with Seaton Taxis by calling 01297 24666.
You can get a taxi with Petes Taxis by calling 01297 20999.
Seaton Taxis & Pete's Taxis do not offer Wheelchair accessible taxis.


The Nearest train station is AXMINSTER. About 7 miles from Seaton. Taxis and buses operate from the station.



There is parking near the venue. There are accessible parking spaces. Parking is not free.

There is a drop-off point at the main entrance. The drop-off point has a dropped kerb.

From the car park to the entrance, there is level access. There is a permanent ramp.

The path is sloped.

Nearby car parks are:
The Underfleet Carpark, Harbour Road, EX12 2WD


There is parking near the venue. There are accessible parking spaces. Parking is free.

There is a drop-off point at the main entrance. The drop-off point has a dropped kerb.

From the car park to the entrance, there is level access. There is a permanent ramp.

The path is sloped.

Nearby car parks are:
Seaton Tramway, Colyton Station - Main Car Park
Seaton Tramway, Colyton Station – Station side Car park

On The Trams

  • Depending on the timetable during the year, trams will depart every 20 minutes between 10am - 4pm or 5pm
  • Passengers must alight when they reach the final stop of Colyton or Seaton Stations and then queue to return
  • There are currently 3 open stops on the 3-mile line. Seaton, Colyford and Colyton. Colyford is our only non-step-free station. There are 6 steps to the White Hart Car park to exit on entering Colyford Stop.
    Seaton and Colyton are completely step-free.
  • Passengers should pay attention to the safety briefing given by the driver before departure.
  • Deaf or Hard of Hearing can request a BSL Tour video from Seaton Tramway, or a Large Print or Easy Read Guide which will include safety. 
  • Accessible Low Floor trams can run up to 3 times an hour from Seaton & Colyton. Accessible trams can fit a mobility scooter or 2 standard-size wheelchairs per tram. Please call 01297 20375 opt 3 to find out the accessible departures on the day. Or ask a member of staff on arrival. Please note we are a narrow gauge heritage tramway and therefore our older trams can be small and difficult to climb onto even for able-bodied persons. 
  • There are large step-ups onto our enclosed saloon cars. 
  • The staircases to the top deck of all our cars are steep and narrow due to the nature of their age and our narrow gauge.
  • A standard single-child pushchair can be folded and stored on the back of a tram during travel, or stored open in an accessible bay if it is not in use. Please let your driver know when you board. Pushchairs can also be stored and supervised at Seaton Station.
  • The Driver may use a microphone to announce stops and safety briefings when stationary, through speakers on the tram.
  • Some trams with air brake systems may refill at various points during the journey and when stationary. This vibrates the tram slightly and can be loud when close to the tank.
  • At various points along the 3-mile line, the trams must signal with their whistle or bell. If close to the front of tram, this can be loud.
  • All double-deck trams are open top. At least one tram a day will operate a double-deck car which will usually be an accessible tram. We have enclosed saloon cars for wet and inclement weather, allowing our trams to run in all weathers.
  • Sensible footwear should be worn on all trams. However, those wearing open-toed footwear should be extra cautious when boarding and alighting trams.
  • There are no toilet facilities on the trams. A 3-mile trip is 25 minutes. Seaton and Colyton Stations have full toilet facilities.
  • There are moving parts on most trams that passengers will get close to, and should be aware of especially when trying to use for support. Most single seats will have a back that moves depending on which direction you would like to face. We recommend facing in the direction of travel, which would be set by the driver before boarding. Please mind small children who may get curious with their fingers in these moving parts. 
    Some loading is done through the driver's cab, and therefore breaks and controllers are within reach. Please do your best not to touch these.
  • Please mind your head when boarding all trams.
  • Dogs are allowed in all areas of the tramway and standard tram service but must travel on the lower decks.
  • Assistance Dogs can travel with us at no charge, however please note due to Health and Safety reasons they are not permitted to travel on the upper deck of double-decker trams.  Access to Seaton Wetlands from the trams at Wetlands Halt is permitted for assistance dogs.
  • Passengers who feel unwell or need to stop the tram, should inform the driver immeditaley 

Seaton Tramway is a Disability Confident Employer

Making an application:

Seaton Tramway is a Disability Confident Committed employer and welcomes applications from disabled people. If disabled applicants meet the minimum essential criteria for the job, they will be offered an interview and reasonable adjustments will be made where necessary to make the interview process accessible.

If you are interested in one of our advertised roles, you should contact Steve Waite, our Commercial Manager, by telephone on 01297 20375, by email at [email protected] or by letter to Steve Waite, Seaton Tramway, Riverside Depot, Seaton, Devon EX12 2NQ, to ask for more information and an application form.

You can ask for an application form to be sent by email or post, or alternatively you can arrange to pick one up from one of our stations.

Please let us know if you require additional support to complete the application, or require it in large print.

We accept applications electronically (scanned and emailed) as well as paper versions. For disabled applicants we are also able to accept recorded video applications.


We aim to shortlist within one week of the closing date. We will contact you by email as soon as possible after this to let you know if you have been shortlisted for an interview. If you would prefer to be contacted by telephone or letter please let us know in your application.

If you need any help or adjustments to enable you to attend an interview, please let us know.

The interview panel will normally be made up of between one and three individuals.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome within one week of the final interview.  A formal job offer will be sent by post to the successful applicant.