Construction Starts for the NEW Seaton Station - Opening in 2018

Construction starts on Monday 18th September for a brand-new, state of the art station in Seaton. Plans for the £2 million Tramway station will provide a modern, all-year round facility for visitors, offering a small café and gift shop. With a modern, inspiring and engaging experience, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the fascination surrounding the history and operations of the tramway. The new station will enable more visitors to have access to and enjoy the magic of the trams and the Axe Valley for decades to come.

As visitor numbers have increased over recent years, this new station will replace the existing Edwardian-style ticket office built in 1996, and will see a new contemporary design focusing on the unique heritage of the Tramway.

Plan Your Visit from September 2017

Visitors are advised to begin their journey from Colyton Station in order to benefit from it’s FREE all-day parking. 

Whilst construction takes place, daily tram service won’t be interrupted and will continue to run to timetable, from Riverside Depot. Seaton Tramway are excited to welcome visitors behind-the-scenes, offering a unique, previously unseen look into the hidden workings of this heritage tramway. For a limited time only, this exclusive tour will provide insights into the daily workings of the Depot, a closer look at the plans for the new Seaton Station and development of the new Heritage Lottery project: ‘Travels through Heritage and The Axe Valley’.

Alternative shuttle service between the Old Seaton Terminus & Riverside Depot 

Please allow EXTRA time for the shuttle service & depot tours prior to the tram ride. 

For those who wish to begin their journey from Seaton, an alternative shuttle service will be provided between the old Seaton terminus and Riverside Depot between 18th September & 29th October and throughout December to the grand opening of the new station in Spring 2018. This will also include Special Events such as the Halloween ‘Tram of Terror’ & the ‘Tramtastic Spooktacular’, music events, as well The Polar Express™ Tram Ride 2017. 

Tickets from Seaton will need to be purchased from the Riverside Depot mobile Ticket Office.

From 18th September, Bird Watching Trips and Tram Driving Lessons will begin from Colyton Station.

Limited Disabled parking is available at Riverside Depot car park and passengers requiring wheelchair access are encouraged to contact Seaton Tramway in advance of their visit.

For further information and to find out more about timetables, please visit or phone 01297 20375

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